The Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand (RCOPT), Online Membership Module (OMM)

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The Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand (RCOPT),

Online Membership Module (OMM)

1.    Terms and Conditions

1.1.  The Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailandhas developed the RCOPT Online Membership Module with purpose for any members of the RCOPT and the public to access to the data of all the ophthalmologists.


1.2.  This database system uses “User Generated Content” principles which allow each ophthalmologist to input his/her data to be publicly revealed. The RCOPT obligated to create this database system and to support all the ophthalmologists to access the system and update personal data.  


1.3.  The RCOPT has no policy to control or determine format, scope and details of the provided data by each member. With respect the discretion of our members who are able to input only appropriate information and aware that the input data will be available on the website. The website is a public area and certified by the RCOPT. 


1.4.  The RCOPT shall not waive the responsibility if any adverse data is publicly revealed especially the data which are against the Computer Related Crime Act or the regulations of the Medical Council of Thailand.  Therefore the RCOPT needs to determine an internal measure and appoint an IT subcommittee to manage this operation.


1.5.  The IT subcommittee is appointed in accordance with the regulations of RCOPT. They are responsible for following the entire information contained in the database system. In the event that the subcommittee considers any information as inappropriate, they shall have right to access, edit, restrain or take an action on the input data by any member. The subcommittee’s decision is final and they shall report periodically to the Executive Board of RCOPT. This is notice that the subcommittee shall keep the benefits of the medical profession, ophthalmologists, the RCOPT and public interest in mind for any consideration taken. 



2.    Website and digital media owned by the RCOPT

2.1.  The website, database, any system on the website and digital media such as Facebook or application on any operating system owned by the RCOPT are created  with beneficial purpose for ophthalmologists, physicians and public interest.


2.2.  In accordance with the “Regulations of RCOPT 2006” published on the Government Gazette, duties of the RCOPT include following:

2.2.1.    No.7 (5): To be a center of communication and knowledge exchange including activities with the RCOPT, any medical associations or societies in Thailand and abroad.

2.2.2.    No.7 (7): To support and build understanding and unity among the members and between medical members from different fields of profession in Thailand and abroad. 

2.2.3.    No.7 (9): To distribute beneficial Ophthalmology knowledge to public and physicians.


3.    RCOPT Leadership Development Program (LDP)

3.1.  Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a group activity to improve leader qualification of the ophthalmologists. This program is created from the cooperation between the Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand and the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) which is a model organization and started this program in the United States. The RCOPT has also organized an identical activity in Thailand with the cooperation and support from several organizations such as Mettapracharak (Wat Rai Khing) Hospital, Department of Medical Services, lecturers from the USA and Australia on behalf of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.


3.2.  This activity started in Thailand since 2013 and already been held for 2 seasons. The participants will be trained in theoretical course and workshop conference for leadership development.  Each participant must present his/her project with framework. After that the participant shall operate the project and report the progression to the board of committee and take their comments to improve and develop the project until achieve its objectives.


3.3.  The RCOPT Online Membership Module or RCOPT OMM is one of the projects to be a part of the 2nd LDP 2014 held by the RCOPT and supported by the Executive Board of RCOPT to continue the development of the online database system to be used by the ophthalmologists and public.

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