Posters Presentation

Updated 2013-06-09 02:39:23


Posters Presentation

1. A 10-Year Retrospective Analysis of Fungal Keratitis at Siriraj Hospital
Priyanuch Thongcharoen*, MD, Wipawee Booranapong, MD

2. Prevalence of Proptosis in Srinagarind Hospital
Phitoon Pratipanawat, MD, Panwad Uthiyo*, MD

3. Anterior Segment Findings of Syphilitic Interstitial Keratitis with Retrocorneal Scrolls
NgamjitKasetsuwan, MD, UsaneeReinprayoon, MD, Patchima Chantaren*, MD

4. Two and five Minutes Schirmer Test without Anesthesia
Witsawat Kanthar*, MD, Patanaree Luanratanakorn, MD